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Our dentist’s office in Hungary is available with state-of-the-art equipment

Dentistry, Dental office in one of the most beautiful places of Hungary: Hotel Fürdőház of Sóstó

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Fogászat Nyíregyháza

Smile Design Center private dental clinic of Nyíregyháza was established in one of the fastest-growing cities of Hungary in 2013. Instead of praising ourselves, I suggest that you take a look at our references, but I can also recommend our Facebook page to get acquainted with us which is often updated with photos of our works. If you have a friend who has been to our dental office in Nyíregyháza, you can ask them about their experiences. My colleagues are highly qualified dentists, oral surgeons, dental hygienists, dental technicians who have one goal: perfect dental care! We save those teeth which have been already given up by other dentists. If a more serious implantation or oral surgical intervention is needed, we do it at the highest level.

If you have reviewed our website, perhaps checked our Facebook page, feel free to put your fears aside, ask your questions, we will be glad to answer them! A healthy smile will give you confidence in your relationships, work, and even business, too.

Dr. Sándor Homoki – dentist

Our dentist’s office in Hungary is available with state-of-the-art equipment

Using the most advanced tools and equipment of today, regularly trained dentists are at your disposal since your cheerful smile of satisfaction is important for us. Our patients benefit from receiving a high standard of care in a calm and clean environment. We are trying to make more efforts than other procedures, the minimally invasive procedures for which we are equipped with the latest digital technical devices are prioritized in our treatments.

Thanks to our modern materials and dental techniques, we provide painless, comfortable treatment and accurate, durable and aesthetic dental pieces.

We preserve and safeguard what nature has given to you as much as possible! With our procedures, we are able to produce superior, precise and comfortable dental pieces even for the most neglected dental cases.

fogászat Nyíregyháza

Our patients can get metal- and allergen-free ZIRCON dentures created with the latest, computer-planned CAD-CAM technology which meet the highest aesthetic requirements, and they feel it as their own even in the first few days. We apply different methods for getting the “Hollywood Smile”, such as direct and indirect restoration, and ceramic veneers.

After our dental procedures, we make a positive impact on our patients’ private lives, relationships, work lives, and health alike. With their nice and neat teeth, they become more confident in their workplace and environment, they emit positive energies, so they make relationships more easily because they dare to smile.

Why Smile Design Center?

High quality care, perfect smile, guarantee!

Highly Qualified Dentists

Our dentists, dental surgeons and assistants attend regular trainings so that they can routinely apply the most modern procedures in our clinic, for You, too!

Dentistry with Guarantee

We do not just get the work ``more or less done``! We spend as much time on our patients as needed, that's why we guarantee our work!

Multi-language Care

Our dentists speak several languages so you can heal in our clinic during holiday using your mother tongue!

Diligent Dentists

Our dentists are highly qualified professionals for whom healing is a real profession! Their experience provides you with the perfect smile!

Our Services

without being exhaustive…
Treatment of Damaged Teeth

Have your teeth been damaged by sports or an accident? We are the front-runner when it comes to  solve such dental problems!

Private Oral Surgery

Our oral surgery specialist is the perfect choice for implant installation, sinus lift, bone graft, any serious intervention!

Dental Filling

The most common procedure, but it matters how we do it! We use the best materials and use them on a high level!

Microscopic Root Canal Treatment

It helps minimizing the removal of the healthy part of tooth, revealing root canals which invisible to the naked eye!

Tooth Whitening

Would you like to have up to 5-7 shades whiter teeth?

Free Routine Checkup

Have your teeth checked at least every half year! If it has been a long time, it's still OK, we're waiting for your earliest registration!

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