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Paedodontics (Children’s Dentistry)

The first meeting with the dentist can be decisive for our children throughout their life, it matters what kind of experience the little patient leaves with. For us, it is important to have a full-range, completely painless children’s dental care. Childcare is a separate branch of dental care not only because other methods and materials have to be used, but a psychologically different approach is also needed for the treatment of these patients.

It is worth bringing your child to us at their age of 2-3, even if they don’t have any complaints. Our suggestion for the parents is to visit us with their child several times, so we would begin the treatment only when we have fully won the trust of the little patient.

The sealing of pit and fissure, for example, is highly recommended for baby teeth. Since this is a totally painless treatment, this way we would not discourage your child from further treatment. They would get acquainted with the dental chair and the instruments, and would no longer be afraid of the unknown things.

During treatment, they can watch their favorite cartoon or movie on a large monitor. The treatment takes place in the parent’s lap if necessary.

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