Dr. Sándor Homoki
Dentist, Executive Director
  • Studies and Experience:

    My commitment to the profession began when I was 18 and was admitted to a dental technician training institute. After school, I learned and developed my knowledge in several high-quality dental labs in Budapest. In these labs I was taught to be devoted, humble, persistent and precise in my work. I really liked what I did, but I felt it would be complete only if I met people, not just their dental records, so I decided to go back to school. I started dental college in 2006. During my academic years I was practicing continuously, so I was fairly experienced when I successfully finished university in 2011. During my dental specialist training I have already been implanting teeth.

    I attended several training sessions, including those in the center of Vienna, endodontic, implantation, microscopic and other trainings.

    I have met the microscopic dentistry and its success in international lectures first. After I bought a microscope and started working with it, I became even more enthusiastic in my profession. I have explored a wonderful world that I had not seen before. I could observe teeth with such detail as it had not been possible with the naked eye previously.

    Along with my ongoing studies, I have made great progress in complete mouth rehabilitation and Beauty smile, which is indispensable without gnatological knowledge. That is why I pay special attention to the position, movement and function of the temporomandibular joints, the patient's face and head shape, and bite.

    The name of the company is Smile Design Center because it is a place where we design and realize your smile beyond your needs and expectations!

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