Csaba’s teeth were complete, but because of his other complaints he was hopeless and desperate when visiting our surgery. His pathological tooth wear had been repeatedly tried to be restored with various bridge prostheses, which had been accompanied by continuous failure and lack of success.
The wear and tear had likely been caused by the inappropriate functioning of the jaw muscles and the wrong position of the jaw joints, and these had been associated with a non-inflammatory lockjaw.
We got him rid of the old, poorly designed bridge. After the mandibular joint measurement with Arcus Digma 2, 28 pieces of e-max crowns were made for him. The prostheses according to the measured data were made with Kavo Protar evo articulator in the Artifex Dentis Dental Laboratory by László Románszky, master dental technician. The 28 pieces of e-max crowns were individually prepared and bonded, one by one. A bite raising of 20mm was needed for the patient.
The photo was made during the 1-year control examination. The patient has no complaints and he has regained his self-confidence.

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