Our lady patient visited our dentistry because of functional complaints. She wore removable dental prostheses, she was dissatisfied with their stability, and also there were mini implants in the lower region.
After CT scan, according to our suggestion, we first performed a surgery in the lower region which included removal of the mini implants and an implantation surgery called “all on four”. The latter means that after the procedure the patient gets a screw-fixed temporal bridge prosthesis even in 1 day. After two weeks, we performed an „all on six” implantation surgery in the upper region, where a temporal prosthesis was made in 1 day, too, which we fixed with a screw.
Our patient was wearing the temporary prostheses for 6 months until the implants fully ossificated. Then she received a uniquely characterized, screw-fixed hybrid dental prosthesis fitted with artificial gingiva, meeting all needs, having A1 color, which our patient wears happily.

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