Mariann turned to us for aesthetic complaints. She was embarrassed by her discolored teeth, and the structural deficiencies of enamel. The replacement of her long-lost upper teeth had been accomplished by her previous dentist with a bridge prosthesis in a color and form that hadn’t been suitable.
In the course of investigation, it was found that she had a septic tooth which had been treated poorly during root canal treatment, and she had a cyst on an other tooth of her. We treated the teeth using a microscope, and the sepsis and cyst started to be absorbed.
In addition to all these problems, our patient had Gummy Smile, which was corrected by bilateral surgical crown lengthening.
Based on our suggestion, zircon bridge and crowns were prepared to her. Nowadays, she can smile confidently without any sense of shame and hiding her mouth, and she has regained her self-confidence.

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