Renovation, creation of new offices in 2022, our Sóstó dentistry!

The renovation that we planned for this year is slowly coming to an end, according to which we will expand our surgery with 2 dental chairs in Sóstó to 5! We hope that everything will be ready by Christmas, the new dental microscope that we ordered will arrive, as well as the new furniture, and every little detail will be in place! In this way, we will be waiting for patients with uniquely equipped clinics! We work with doctors and oral surgeons who stand out in their profession, this is still the case now and will be guaranteed to be the case in the new clinics as well. We do it to create perfect smiles!
Rendelőnk vezető fogorvosának Dr. Homoki Sándornak az alapelve, hogy „a minőségi fogászati ellátásból nem szabad engedni”, a Smile Design Centerben ehhez minden körülmény adott.


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