Microscopic root canal treatment - attention of dentists

Dear Colleagues!

As we all know, in many fields of medicine, including dentistry, new techniques and technologies help us to keep dental care and treatments as painless and effective as possible with the interests of the patients in mind.

For Nyíregyháza and the region, it is unique that our clinic is equipped with a Labomed DNT dental microscope having its main advantage primarily shown in root canal treatment. Experience has shown that conventional techniques are often ineffective for root canals which are often curved or narrowed, but this efficiency indicator is significantly higher for microscopic root canal treatment. It is an opportunity to rescue teeth that were treated with implant installation or other solutions which led to tooth loss in the previous years.

In what cases does the dental microscope help?

  • supplying perforated teeth with MTA sealing;
  • repeated root canal treatment – finding and exploring additional canals;
  • saving focal teeth;
  • eliminating periapical foci with appropriate therapy.

Some technical data about the dental microscope in our office:

  • adjustable, up to 25x magnification;
  • LED lighting;
  • digital camera, with which the patient can view the entire process of the treatment on a projector (recordings can be recorded);
  • built-in orange and green filters;


Describing the technical specification without the necessity of completeness, I would like to offer to my colleagues the opportunity of our surgery as well as my dental specialist knowledge in the root canal treatment with dental microscope. Keeping the interests of the patient in mind, we strive with professional maximalism to save those teeth which can not be solved by conventional technology.
Our dentistry with its quiet, relaxed, homely atmosphere waits for the patients sent from another dental clinic for microscopic root canal treatment, after we GUARANTEE to direct back the patient to you.

Dr. Homoki Sándor
managing director

Through this page, we would like to thank those Colleagues who previously referred their patients to our office for their recommendations, as well as to bring to the attention of other dear Colleagues the same problematic cases that we have successfully treated with the help of the dental microscope. (Typically, only 1-2 sessions are sufficient for successful root canal treatment, thereby retaining the tooth.)

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