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    Professional smile design!

    Have you ever envied the stars who appear on the front page with a wide smile and captivating confidence, whose smiles also seem perfect in their seemingly perfect lives?

    We help! This is no longer a privilege, a healthy, beautiful smile is also available to you. Of course, the most important, completely normal human need in addition to healthy teeth is an aesthetic smile. You already have it planned out in your mind, don't you? Not yet? Then close your eyes, we'll help you with that too! Do you just sit in a dentist's chair, 3 quick photos, 10 minutes and immediately see yourself with a new smile, which will be made in a few days? Unfortunately, we have to sound a wake-up call, because this is often a loss of eyesight than professional smile design!

    How does smile design work at the Smile Design Center?

    First of all, it is similar, it is really necessary to request a consultation in our clinic. Unfortunately, we cannot yet design a smile for you from a digitally sent photo. During the consultation, our specialist assesses the health and aesthetic condition of your teeth. In all cases, a CT scan or a 3D panoramic X-ray is necessary, because we could draw a smile line for you in 2 dimensions at most, but that is still a long way from smile design.

    The second step is to prepare the teeth based on the CT, Panoramic X-ray and the general dental guidelines, since in many cases the placement of a crown or the installation of an implant is also necessary. Of course, all our interventions are painless, you can almost fall asleep in the dentist's chair. After the preparation, an impression is taken.

    The third step is the diagnosis of the jaw joint in the smile design process, the movement of the jaw is important, as your smile would not be sincere in the future if you could not close your teeth perfectly. The essence of the jaw joint diagnostics is that the installed denture will feel the same as if it were your own teeth, it is immediately comfortable to bite and wear.

    Based on the results of the CT scan, the impression sample and the diagnosis of the jaw joint, an experienced dental technician designs your teeth with a professional dental technology program, which we can print with a 3D printer worth nearly 15 million.

    One of the most spectacular stages of smile design follows: the 3D printer prints your new smile from plastic, so you can try out your future teeth before we mill them out of more expensive zirconia.

    So, you will not receive a 2-dimensional photo as a design from us, but a 3D printed plastic denture, which is preceded by professional design work. Ezt kipróbálhatja, szükség esetén tudunk rajta módosítani, ha nem áll jól, újra tudjuk azt tervezni, újra ki tudjuk olcsón nyomtatni.

    If you not only like the look, but also find it comfortable to wear, then the actual tooth will be made, using CAD-CAM technology, we will mill a copy of the plastic tooth with micron precision, usually from zircon.

    If you also want a guaranteed confident, aesthetic, beautiful set of teeth, then don't hesitate, contact us, let the smile design begin with our help! Our goal is not for you to get a denture that will only be good for one or two years, but that will serve you for decades, will provide you with an aesthetic view, comfortable chewing, and comfortable wear over the years!

    We want to make your smile perfect!

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