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    Intact, healthy teeth deserves attention not just for aesthetic reasons but also when speaking of painlessness, thus quality of life. However, there are situations where conventional solutions are not sufficient and require more serious intervention. Our dentistry in Nyíregyháza has an oral surgeon with significant experience and he can treat any kind of problem without pain and with perfect result.

    If it comes to oral surgery, it is by their nature that many people are afraid of pain and complications that may arise. Maximum confidence in the surgeon is indispensable for the patients in order to feel safe to arrive to the clinic.

    Unfortunately, in the case of dental appointments available under the traditional social insurance system, in many cases it may take hours to wait until you can go in. Struggling with pain and fear, this is very burdensome, not to mention that there is no guarantee for the quality of intervention. In our clinic, an oral surgeon specialized in this field undertakes high-quality oral surgery interventions. Thanks to modern dental solutions and state-of-the-art equipment, the end result is guaranteed to not leave any wishes unfulfilled.

    Removing abnormally developed teeth, extracting wisdom teeth are problems that many people are faced with. Because the roots often bend heavily or are far apart, these teeth can not be removed by simple tooth extraction. However, contribution of the dental surgeon is needed not only in these cases, but also during the removal of dental cysts. If a piece with inflammatory origin is recognized in a timely manner, it can be treated very well. The area deserves attention not only because of the pain, but also because it may threaten the health of even the whole denture if neglected.

    The professional oral surgeon’s help is at least as important during implantation surgery as when consequently bone graft becomes necessary. By integrating biocompatible materials, further atrophy of the affected area can be prevented and the necessary conditions can be created for inserting the implant.

    If you need an oral surgery, please feel free to contact us! We offer the highest level of expertise in special areas that require somewhat different solutions than traditional methods. With our experienced oral surgeon, we will surely succeed in finding the solution that offers the perfect result aesthetically and from the aspect of health using the smallest possible procedure.

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