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    Tartar removal is a procedure which requires medical assistance, since it is not possible to get rid of it at home. In our dentistry in Nyíregyháza, pain-free tartar removal is possible, and we use ultrasonic procedure for the ultimate result.

    Tartar removal is performed with a depulator oscillating in a unique frequency, the vibration causes the tartar to come off in flakes. Before the procedure, anesthetizing gel is applied to the gum, and if necessary, we can also use best quality analgesic procedures. Since tartar is only weakly bound to the surface of teeth, tartar removal is painless with the ultrasonic depurator without damaging teeth and their surface.

    After pain-free tartar removal, polishing follows (it is completely painless), making your teeth even more beautiful and the result of tartar removal more enduring.

    After the process of tartar removal, you must try to maintain the result. Although it may sound like a cliche, deposit of tartar can be prevented by regular toothbrushing. 2 × 5 minutes of brushing per day with high quality toothbrush is needed, floss and mouthwash should be used as well.


    Tartar means staining which is deposited then crystallized on the surface of the teeth, it is a calcified plaque layer. Most of the plaque consists of bacteria, and when calcium carbonate is added to it, tartar is formed. It begins with yellowish coloration and it sticks to teeth so hard that it can not be removed under home conditions.

    The deposit of tartar can begin even if the teeth are brushed using the proper technique, as the teeth have parts that are not really accessible with toothbrush or floss. The formation of tartar often begins in such hidden places, later the speed of deposition multiplies, since stainings are deposited more quickly on already deposited tartar. There are also some conditions that can help the formation of tartar. These includes irregular denture, failed dental filling, smoking, incorrectly applied crown. If more of these factors are present, one should pay more attention to the removal of tartar.

    Tartar is like a bacterial colony causing inflammation that affects functioning of the entire body through the immune system.

    As a consequence of accumulated tartar, the gum then the parodontium may become inflamed, causing pain and gingival bleeding. Untreated parodontium inflammation may even result in loss of teeth.

    Tartar may also affect our relationships, since it causes discoloration of teeth and unpleasant breath that can be disturbing to our partner.

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    Process of tartar removal: before, during, and the final result!

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