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    Premium Quality Removable Denture

    As the microscope and its devices play a prominent role in the retention of teeth, GC’s latest development called Gradia gum shades is also unique in dentistry, enabling lifelike and aesthetic, partially or completely removable dental prostheses. With the exclusive quality set of teeth and the individually characterized artificial gingiva, the aesthetic appearance of the removable denture reaches a higher level. Completely and partially removable dentures are prepared in similar steps

    1. 1. Anatomical impression: we take impression of the most important pieces in the mouth, such as: teeth when present, jaw ridge (dental alveolus), folding parts, sticking of mimetic musculatures
    2. 2. The dental laboratory subsequently produces a unique impression tray according to the patient’s oral pieces, which allows the dentist to take a functional, precise impression of the oral pieces.
    3. 3. The lab prepares a bite plate, and by using it, the dentistry registers the relation between the upper and lower teeth, then the appropriate color of the teeth is selected together with the patient. If there are teeth in the mouth, it is advisable to choose a suitable tooth color according to those.
    4. 4. In the next session, the patient can see the inclination of the teeth in the prostheses, etc. if it is necessary to change them
    5. 5. It is the last time when the denture is delivered. The doctor provides appropriate instructions for the patient about using the denture.

    Azokban az esetekben ha a fogpótlás használatával kapcsolatban nehézségei vannak a páciensnek keresse fel fogorvosát, mert számos oka lehet a fogsor instabilitásának. Az esetek többségében az alsó kivehető fogsorral szokott problémája lenni a páciensnek, mert kicsi az a felület ami az adheziót (tapadást) segíti.
    Mindig van megoldás!
    Ilyen esetekben a tűimplantátumok alkalmazásával (2-4-6 implantátum beültetésével) kellő stabilitást lehet elérni a fogsoroknál.

    A prosthesis that is made with the Gradia gum shades system offers far more than those made with the technologies known so far:

    • It has been developed to be able to reproduce the visible colors of natural gums.
    • It contains almost unlimited possibilities for gum reproduction.
    • It carries the excellent mechanical and physical properties of micro-charged composites.
    • Easy to polish and clean.
    • Can be used in combination with ceramics/porcelain.
    • The design and staining of the gum is applicable not only for removable or partially removable prostheses, but also for implantation constructions, crowns and bridges as well.

    The Course of Implantation

    Panoráma rtg, állcsont vizsgálat, anamnézis felvétel után. Ha nem találunk olyan okot, ami kontraindikálttá tenné a beavatkozást, akkor elvégezhető.
    A legtöbb esetben vágás-varrás nélkül is megoldható (a páciensek örömére) csupán annyi fájdalmat kell eltűrni amennyi az érzéstelenítő injekció beadásával jár.Az implantátumok behelyezése rövid időn belül megtörténik. A furatok elkészítése után a mini implantátumok behelyezése következik és akár azonnal felhelyezhető rá kivehető fogpótlása.

    • insertion does not require surgical exploration
    • the healing of soft tissue is quick
    • no need for sutures
    • does not cause any serious postoperative pain
    • causes only minimal bleeding
    • existing denture (after thoroughly examined by a doctor) or new denture can be attached to the needle implant
    • though the prosthesis is still removable, but it remains permanently in place after fixing, which makes it safe to use
    • cleaning the protruding parts of the implants is an easy task, so the patient can keep it clean and hygienic

    The longer threaded portion of the one-piece implant is fixed to the bone, the round head part extends out of the jaw ridge in the mouth. The denture base plate incorporates the patent house of the round head, the denture is fixed into it by a rubber ring or a plastic cap.

    Premium quality removable dentures

    Just as the microscope and its associated devices play an outstanding role in maintaining teeth, GC's latest development, Gradia gum shades, is also unique in dentures, which can be used to create lifelike and aesthetic partial and fully removable dentures. With the help of the exclusive quality dentures and the individually characterized artificial gums, the aesthetic appearance of the removable dentures is raised to a higher level.

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