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    Root canal treatment – What does this process mean?

    Hearing the expression “root canal treatment” causes a lively picture of several unpleasant dental experiences appear in many people’s mind. Do we really know what the root canal treatment process means and why it is necessary?
    Sensitivity to cold and warm is one of the most typical symptoms of the fact that going to a dentist is cannot be delayed anymore. Dental sensitivity often indicates the need for root treatment.
    What causes this sensitivity and pain?
    In the inside of the decayed and deteriorating tooth, that is, in the dental pulp (or pulp chamber), the bacteria proliferating there literally break down the material of the pulp slowly, the intense pain is caused by their space requirement and their relatively rapid growth in a small, warm place. After detecting the symptoms, it is advisable to look for a dentist as soon as possible before the bacteria entering the tissues around the tooth cause various inflammatory conditions.

    Root Canal Treatment to Keep the Tooth

    Years ago, such a tooth had most likely to be pulled out, but with root canal treatment, we have a much higher chance to keep the tooth. During this treatment, after removing the decayed parts, we also remove the nerves, live tissues inside the tooth, the root canals are completely cleansed, disinfected, and provided with root filling to prevent subsequent – post-dehydration – cracks, followed by cover filling of the tooth. Of course, this sounds so easy in such big steps, but every step includes a lot of small procedures.

    Root canal treatment is a medical intervention that requires great precision besides competence, and we aim to maximize our work in the clinic for the satisfaction of patients by using dental microscope. It is not more unpleasant than traditional root treatment at all, but the success of treatment is much higher and more effective, so for the first time, it is worth visiting a dental clinic equipped with a dental microscope.

    Microscopic Root Treatment

    Microscopic root treatment is one of the most recent achievements of today’s dental procedures. The microscope provides the greatest help during root canal treatment, since when revealing root canals, we can remove very efficiently the bacteria proliferating inside them, avoiding possible complaints or re-appearing pain later.
    The magnification of the microscope (up to 25x) allows much better precision in the mapping of those root canals which are not visible to the naked eye or have irregular shapes. With the help of a dental microscope, bacteria can be removed even from these canals, so we have a much greater chance to keep the tooth. The treatment is greatly aided by the fact that the dental microscope has built-in LED lighting, so the affected areas become clearly visible not only to the dentist, but also to the patient who can track the entire process through a monitor.

    Available in Nyíregyháza!

    In our clinic in Nyíregyháza, we use the regionally unique LABOMED DNT dental microscope to help our patients get rid of pain immediately, and we try the tooth to be kept as long as possible with the help of microscopic root canal treatment. Take advantage of our free consultation!

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