Individual bite registration at the Smile Design Center

When making larger dentures, be it upper or lower dentures, our office does not just make your dentures based on a wax bite template. We use individual bite registration taking into account the gnathological difficulties. (Gnathology is a branch of dentistry that deals with the jaw and its diseases and changes).

Why is this important?

The larger a denture, the more important it is to perform an individual bite registration. When preparing a dental prosthesis, care must be taken to ensure that the completed dental prosthesis does not change the movement paths of the joints, the original position of the teeth and jawbones, and the original chewing surface must be taken into account.

This is also important so that the patient can immediately feel the finished denture as his own, and be able to eat and speak with it as if it were really his own tooth.

We often come across poorly made dentures, where the relative position of the two jawbones was not taken into account, thus changing the movement paths of the joints. For the patient, this can sometimes be accompanied by pain, clicking, but also extensive pain.

Individual bite registration at the Smile Design Center in Nyíregyháza

The dental technician prepares the dental prosthesis in a so-called articulator, which practically matches the plaster tooth samples. If there is no individual value, the dental technician uses the average value. It's like everyone's bite is the same, of course the end result will be suitable for few people, and even fewer will be perfect.

However, dental technology is developing and our office is developing along with it, today the patient's individual movement paths and anatomical features can be transferred to the articulator, so we provide the dental technician with much more information than in the traditional case. In this way, our dental technician can prepare the dental restoration taking into account the individual features, so that the dental restoration is immediately perfect in all respects.




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