Sale Beyond teeth whitening in January

Beyond teeth whitening is one of the best teeth whitening methods because it can remove not only the surface of the teeth, but also the inner layers of the teeth from discoloration.

The beyond system works with cold blue light, which is very effective, whitening the teeth by 6-8 shades during one treatment.

The Beyond teeth whitening system is not time-consuming, the entire treatment takes 30 minutes, which together with the preparations takes approx. 1 hour.

Teeth whitening is performed using mouth braces. Our dental assistant applies gum protection gel to the gums to completely separate them from the materials used during teeth whitening. Then the teeth whitening gel is applied, which works for 10 minutes when used together with the lamp. After that, the jelly is replaced and another lamp is lit.

Thanks to the cold light of Beyond teeth whitening, the dental nerves are not damaged, and the teeth whitening gel does not damage the tooth enamel either, as it is water-based. The jelly is harmless to the body, there is no problem if the patient accidentally swallows a little during the treatment

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