Root canal treatment. When do we use it, what is it good for?

The primary goal of root canal treatment is to save the given tooth and to avoid tooth extraction. It is financially more worthwhile to root canal a tooth, since it costs more to replace a tooth.

Most often, root canal treatment must be used due to inflammation of the gums, deep caries, infection, or possibly trauma. In the past, these teeth were simply removed, but thanks to modern medicine and the advent of root canal treatment, it is possible to save them.

During root canal treatment, the root canals of the tooth are treated mechanically and chemically in order to reduce the number of bacteria. Of course, the process is painless in addition to the painkillers used in our office. Pain relief is typically only necessary during the first treatment, since the nerve is no longer present during the second treatment.

Root canal treatment is a more suitable treatment. The first time is always the longest, as this is when the tooth is exposed. Of course, the treatment of a tooth with one root takes less time than that of a tooth with three roots. We place medicine in the tooth until the next treatment. At the next treatment, the drug is removed and the root canal treatment is repeated. The process is repeated until the tooth is symptom-free, when the final dental filling is completed.

It is normal for the area around the root-treated tooth to be more sensitive for 2-3 days, however, if the area is still sensitive after a week, it indicates the re-emergence of the infection. In this case, we definitely report it to our dentist.

A well-rooted tooth can accompany us problem-free even to the end of our lives. However, it should not be forgotten that these teeth can also decay, so their care and cleaning are equally important.

Root-treated teeth are more fragile! With mechanical effects, it is more common for a smaller piece of the root-treated tooth to break off. This is because the tooth loses its elasticity due to the lack of blood vessels, but these minor injuries can be easily remedied with a smooth filling.

Why is microscopic root canal treatment better?

Everyone has an acquaintance who described the process of root canal treatment as a painful, intimidating medical procedure. These are often stories of failed treatments from poorly equipped clinics.

In addition to today's technology, root canal treatment is a painless, routine procedure in our clinic.

The most important milestone in the success of root canal treatments was the dental microscope. The head doctor of our clinic has 10 years of experience in microscopic root canal treatments.

Thanks to the microscope, even details invisible to the naked eye become visible to the doctor. The dentist can look down into the depth of the root canal, with up to 40x magnification, so the treatment becomes more precise and effective. The saving rate of teeth treated with root canals in this way reaches 99%.

Even in the simplest case, dental microscopic treatment greatly increases the chance of saving the tooth. Of course, there are also cases where microscopic root canal treatment may be the only solution to save the tooth.

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